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Agave Straws: Your drink's best friend

Sip away with a clear conscience and zero frustration

  • Unique Story

    Made from agave byproduct of the Mexican tequila making process.

  • Sip For Hours

    Lasting up to 8 hours so you can use one straw all day or night.

  • 100% Biodegradable

    Biodegrades 200 times faster than plastic straws.

  • Never Gets Soggy

    Don't get stuck with a soggy paper straw again.

Actual Reviews

Just tried the straws for the first time and LOVE them! I was expecting them to be flimsy and disintegrate like paper straws, but they don’t. They are quite nice and have stood up through multiple drink refills. Will definitely buy again. I will also say that customer service is awesome and quickly responsive to questions. Thank you!

Judging against ALL straws this one is a standout. It doesn’t get soggy like a paper straw and it is more rigid than a typical plastic straw giving it a more luxe and more enjoyable feel. That fact that it’s environmentally friendly is the cherry on top. Paired with a tequila based cocktail it’s a poetic reunion. Highly recommended.

These are amazing. Now I can have my straws and a clear conscience! They feel and perform just like single use plastic straws but are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable. They don’t get all soggy like paper straws and they can be rinsed and reused. These straws are amazing and really stand up! Thank you Agave Straws!

These are great - so much better than the soggy paper straws that most places are using in an effort to replace plastic straws. I will buy again!!

I really like them. I put them thru the ringer to see how they react to cocktails as well as how they feel in the mouth - i hate paper straws.

These straws are the best of the eco-friendly option out these. Paper becomes mush, stainless is hard on the teeth, and bamboo soaks up color and I think are hard to clean. These are great. Feel like plastic ones with a little texture and I’ve left them in liquids for a day and still work great.

Why Switch?

User Experience

Nobody likes using paper straws! Get the sustainability without being soggy or flimsy.

Protect the Environment

Tequila byproduct that used to litter waterways and fields is now replacing millions of plastic straws.

Cost Effective

One straw is all you need for an entire evening or rinse and re-use it for several days.

Beautifully Natural

Sparking conversations everywhere they go with the clearly visible fibers that compose the straw.

Clean Conscience

Being naturally biodegradable you can sip away knowing your straw won't be here for 500 years.


You don't have to worry about your straw getting soggy or cracking while you enjoy your beverage.

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Perfect quantities for your small events, home, and personal use! From retail packs that are perfect for on-the-go to boxes of 500 straws to always be prepared for any occasion.